Juha Pursiainen
Finland 2018 | Fiction | 30 min


A short film about the fight over the leadership of an import-export company that is based somewhere in the hereafter. It's a fierce fight, as the opponents are good and evil, and both are trying to gain the leadership of the company by bringing poor human souls to play in their never ending battle.


Director(s): Juha Pursiainen
Script: Juha Pursiainen
Cinematography: Juge Heikkilä F.S.C.
Sound: Pasi Peni
Editing: Juha Pursiainen
Music: Antti Lehtinen
Producer(s): Maiju Lanamäki
Production Company/ies: Juma Production


Worldwide Exclusive rights

Screening copy

Screening format(s): DCP
Dialogue language(s): Finnish
Subtitle language(s): English